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Clif Schiek

Clif Schieck, Founder and Project Manager

Clif Schieck, founder and owner of Dr. Networking, grew up in Minneapolis, MN and graduated from MIT in 1981 with degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. He moved to Ashland in 2001 and opened Dr. Networking in 2002. By offering superior customer service, along with computer and IT services, Clif rapidly built his business on a solid foundation of personal relationships and clients. You can learn more about Clif and Dr. Networking by listening to his interview with Gary Einhorn on The Entrepreneurial Ear.

With over 30 years of experience in the computer industry, Clif has worked in every aspect of the business, including computer design, software development, customer service, marketing, sales and corporate management. Clif believes that one of the most important things anyone can do is to use his or her skills to give back to their community and communities in the world at large. Locally, Clif has donated time to the Ashland Rotary’s “Taste of Guanajuato” auction and fundraiser, volunteered with for the Ashland Food Bank and Hearts with Mission, helping to shepherd those nonprofits into the world of technology.

“I think it’s extremely important to use your skills and resources to help make your community and the world a better place to live.” Clif Schieck

Travel has always played a big role in his connection with the world and Clif has trekked in more than 80 countries. In 2009, Clif took advantage of an opportunity with Great Shape! to combine his four personal passions—children, volunteering, traveling and computers.

Great Shape! is a volunteer program in Jamaica founded in 1988 by three Ashland friends:
Georgene Crowe, Gretchen Lee, and Myrtle Frankli. At that time, Great Shape! had plans to install 150 donated computers in 15 different grade schools spread out over rural parts of the island country. The organization needed people with skills in large-scale computer networking to get the computers installed in a short amount of time so the volunteers could immediately start teaching the children.

Clif took his extensive skills to the island and the team got all of the computers installed, and the
volunteer teachers were able to start on teaching. Clif says, “Within ten minutes of getting on the computers, one group of students was researching how to create a business plan for an organic farm, and another group looking up butterflies of the world. Teaching the children computer skills equips them with knowledge and opens up enormous job possibilities that will benefit them, and their country for the rest of their lives.”

Great Shape!’s computer labs have had a major impact on children’s accessibility to a literacy
curriculum and the world. The computers provide a tremendous resource toward helping pull the
country’s youth out of illiteracy, unemployment, and poverty.

Clif continues to travel, volunteer and guide the team at Dr. Networking. He specializes in engineering projects, network topography, software integration and computer and network security.

Clif Schieck and Great Shape in Jamaica
“Teaching the children computer skills equips them with knowledge and opens up enormous job possibilities that will benefit them, and their country for the rest of their lives.” Clif Schieck
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