Pin and Share A Maps Location on Your iPad or iPhone

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Pin and Share a Maps Location on Your iPad or iPhone

The Maps app on the iPad and iPhone makes sharing your location with a friend or family member fast and easy. It doesn’t even have to be associated with where you currently are when you share. You can simply pin a location of interest on the map, then share that pin with the other person.

To mark and share a location, follow these easy steps:

Open your Maps app. (We are using an iPad for this demo, but it basically works the same on an iPhone.)

Navigate to the location you want to share. Tap and hold the spot, and a red pin will appear.

On the iPad, tap Share in the upper right-hand corner. (On the iPhone, tap the Share icon. It is a little box with an arrow pointing out of the top.)

A window with several choices of how you can share the location will open. For example, you can email the information, send a message, or share through Twitter or Facebook.

Of course, you can get really creative with locations to share. You can share a location to meet, your favorite hair salon, a landmark in another country, or a dream destination. However you use your Maps app, once you start, you’re sure to get more and more creative with what you can share.

This feature is also available with Google Maps, although the interface looks slightly different.

~ Jessica Vineyard, Red Letter Editing