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Dr. Networking recently interviewed Mr. Patrick J. Hurley of Hurley’s Tax, Inc.

Dr. Networking: Hi Pat. Thanks for giving us your time today. Can you tell us a little about your business?

Pat: I’ve had my business for thirty-plus years. Hurley’s Tax, Inc. is an income tax office located in Medford, Oregon. We prepare individual, partnership, and corporate tax returns and specialize in IRS problem-solving issues.

DN: How long have you been using Dr. Networking’s services?

Pat: I’ve been using their services for seven years.

DN: What do you like about Dr. Networking?

Pat: They are outstanding in what they do, and the staff is phenomenal. They resolve issues quickly and are very dependable.

DN: Do you work with one technician in particular?

Pat: All the staff at Dr. Networking are great to work with. The main technician who comes to out to our office or resolves issues through their team viewer program is Robert Connolly. Liz is also extremely helpful.

DN: How have they helped you in a computer emergency or other urgent need?

Pat: They do it all! Because of so many various viruses, they give our office immediate attention if we have a virus problem because of the type of clients we serve, and income taxes affect our clients.

DN: Is there a particular problem you had that comes to mind?

If it wasn’t for Dr. Networking and their staff, we would have lost our business. Our entire computer system was visited by the Crypto Locker Virus during tax season. In a matter of three days over a weekend, we lost 90 percent of our files, including 400-plus tax files. Robert and Clif worked for three full days with Lacerte, our tax software firm, to get us back up and running. They recovered over 95 percent of everything that was lost and kept us in business.

~ Patrick Hurley, Hurley’s Tax Inc.

DN: Wow! That must have been intense! I can only imagine the relief you felt after it was all over.

Pat: Yes, and that’s putting it mildly.

DN: What else would you like to say about Dr. Networking?

Pat: If you want the best, go to the best, and that is Dr. Networking.

DN: Thanks so much for your time, Pat.

Pat: My pleasure.

If you would like more information about Hurley Tax, Inc., you may contact them at:

Patrick J Hurley, EA & LTC 31918
843 Alder Creek Drive, Suite B, Medford, OR, 97504-8904 •
541.774.1040 (Business) • 541.531.5784 (Cell)