Customer Corner – McCall House

Customer Corner

McCall House


Dr. Networking recently had the pleasure of chatting with Daniel Perry, innkeeper at McCall House ~ Boutique Inn in Ashland.

Dr. Networking: Hi Daniel, thanks for talking with me today.

Daniel Perry: I’m a big fan of Dr. Networking, so it’s my pleasure.

DN: Daniel, I know the beautiful McCall House is an icon in Ashland. With its gorgeously detailed cream and teal exterior, the old Victorian home is a real show-stopper. How long has the inn been in business now?

Daniel: This is our thirty-fifth year!

DN: Wow, that is fantastic! Congratulations! Clearly, you are doing everything right, including having a stellar staff. Please tell me a little bit about them.

Daniel: I am the innkeeper, and I have two assistant innkeepers, Kerry Ferris and Dan Rodriguez. We also have our head chef, Saudia Sharkey, and our assistant chef, Regan Lilley. Our housekeeping crew are Margarita, Janeth, and German. We also have an intern, Karim Seiler.

DN: Please tell me about McCall House ~ Boutique Inn.

Daniel: We are one of the oldest inns in Ashland. The ten-room Italianate mansion is 133 years old. McCall House was built in 1883 for Captain John McCall and his wife, Lizzie. Captain McCall founded many businesses in Ashland, including the Ashland Library and the Daily Tidings.

We are conveniently located just one block from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and we have private parking.

In addition to the inn, we have cottages throughout Ashland and Talent. We have two cottages on A Street at Chozu Spa, three cottages on Lori Lane, and one out in the wine country in Talent. At the inn, our guests enjoy the library, the parlor, a secret garden, and a gourmet breakfast for two every morning. We also host wine tastings on Saturdays and ice cream socials on Sundays.

DN: What else would you like to tell me about the business?

Daniel: We love to partner and work local. We work local at every opportunity. For example, we often combine our guest stays with visits to Chozu Spa and trips with Bacchus Wine Tours. We attend the Chamber of Commerce Greeter’s meetings almost every week and continually sing the praises of Dr. Networking.

DN: Thank you for that, Daniel. With so much going on with the businesses, your computer needs must be crucial to help everything run smoothly. How long have you been using Dr. Networking’s services?

Daniel: I believe we have been using your services for at least five years.

DN: What do you like about working with Dr. Networking?

Daniel: The staff always provides prompt and reliable service. I’m most happy that everyone we talk to is able to explain things in a way that makes sense to the common person. After our last upgrade, not only is my staff very happy with the speeds of our systems, so are our guests!

DN: Which staff members in particular have you worked with?

Daniel: I’m pretty sure we’ve had everyone there do work for us. And all of them have been excellent!

DN: How has Dr. Networking helped you in the general set-up for your computer needs?

We had a big problem in that our Wi-Fi did not cover the whole property. Robert came out and installed the latest and greatest system. Now the Wi-Fi is awesome. It is super-fast and extends all the way out to the patio and the carriage house. Robert also set us up so our guests’ TV sets stream, too. And Dr. Networking keep us up to date on backups and everything else our business needs to maintain the computer systems.Daniel Perry, McCall House

DN: How has Dr. Networking helped you in a computer emergency or other urgent need?

Daniel: On more than one occasion, usually because of a power outage or human error, our system has crashed. Dr. Networking is always just a phone call away and has, more than once, squeezed us into their busy schedule.

DN: What else would you like to say about Dr. Networking?

Daniel: You all provide unsurpassed service. We recommend Dr. Networking at every opportunity!

DN: Oh, we love to hear that. Thank you! We really appreciate you as a client and look forward to working with you for many years to come. Thank you so much for your time today, Daniel.

Daniel: Thank you! It’s been my pleasure.

The McCall House is located at 153 Oak Street, Ashland, Oregon 97520. You may contact them at (541) 482-9296 or toll-free at (800) 808-9749. You may also email them at or visit their website: