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McLellan Creative Writing Team

McLellan Creative
Writing Team

Everyone at Dr. Networking is great to work with. They always respond quickly when we have questions. They have a great gift in being able to deal with the techie stuff while communicating in “real-speak.

~ Robert McLellan, McLellan Creative

Dr. Networking recently had the pleasure of chatting with one of our long-time clients, Robert McLellan.

Dr. Networking: Robert, thank you for joining us today.

Robert McLellan:
I’m happy to be here.

DN: What is the name of your company?

RM: We are the McLellan Creative Writing Team.

DN: We know you have been providing your services for a long time. How long have you been in business?

RM: Our company has been open since 1994.

DN: A company is only as talented as its staff. Please tell me a little bit about yours.

RM: We’re a team of twenty technology marketing writers. Our writers have backgrounds as diverse as Hollywood, journalism, academia, technology, and enterprise marketing.

DN: So you really can cover all kinds of needs! What services does your business provide?

RM: Before it’s tweeted, blogged, posted, liked, shared, linked to, or downloaded, content has to be written. The McLellan Creative Writing Team writes every kind of marketing deliverable technology companies need to tell their story, including articles, case studies, white papers, email campaigns, and social media posts—anything technology companies need. Needless to say, we spend a lot of time at the computer!

DN: What else would you like to say about your business?

RM: We’re a 100 percent Internet-based business, and we use our computers for everything from writing the projects, scheduling via our PM software, and doing extensive research to marketing and communicating with our clients. Our clients are all Fortune 500 technology companies, and without the Internet and computers, we wouldn’t be able to live and work in the Rogue Valley while still being able to give great service to our clients.

DN: Obviously your computers are critical to your business! How long have you been using Dr. Networking’s services?

RM: I believe since around 2010.

DN: What do you like about Dr. Networking?

RM: I really appreciate the quick response to our questions and problems, even if it’s just to say “We’re looking into it,” or “We’ll be in touch shortly,” or occasionally, “YIKES! We’ll be there ASAP!”

DN: Do you work with one technician in particular?

RM: We have worked with all of the techs at Dr. Networking at one time or another, but we work most closely with Liz and Robert. When we need to order new business systems, Liz works with us to identify our needs, get the order processed, and transfer the data from the old computer to the new. She is great about working with our schedule so that we generally get the transfer done in a day or less.

We work with Robert to troubleshoot more complex problems (and are proud to say we have given him some new ones, which he researched and solved!) around compatibility with VPNs and various operating systems. Robert also worked with us to set up and move to our NAS storage system, including getting our remote writers connected.

Both Liz and Robert were a big help when we moved to new offices, helping us get out of one building and into the other without being offline for more time than it took to physically pick up the computers and walk from the old premises to the new. For a business like ours, that kind of service is crucial.

DN: How has Dr. Networking helped you in a computer emergency or other urgent need?

RM: Well, there was that fun summer when two laptops had hard drive failures within a couple of weeks of each other. They helped us recover the data to a spare laptop and got the new hard drives ordered and installed within a couple of days.

DN: How have they helped you in the general set-up for your computer needs?

RM: A good backup system is vital for the kind of work we do. Robert helped us move to a NAS storage system and implement Amazon Cloud Services back-up. So far we haven’t had to recover data from the backup system (and plan to keep it that way!), but he was great in helping us with training and figuring out how to make things work.

DN: What else would you like to say about Dr. Networking?

RM: Everyone at Dr. Networking is great to work with. They always respond quickly when we have questions. They have a great gift in being able to deal with the techie stuff while communicating in “real-speak.”

DN: Would you recommend Dr. Networking to others?

RM: Absolutely. Many of our employees use Dr. Networking’s services for their home computer issues.

DN: Thank you so much for your time in talking with us today. We love working with you.

RM: It’s been my pleasure, and the feeling is mutual!

If you would like to know more about the services the McLellan Creative Writing Team provides, you may check out their website at, email to, or call 541-488-2270. Their office is located at 696 Mistletoe Road, Suite 202, Ashland.