Computer Services

Our computer services include drop-off computer repair at our store in downtown Ashland, OR during office hours, or a field technician can be scheduled to help you at your home or business. We have a 24-hour turnaround time for most computer services. On-site appointments can usually be scheduled within 24 hours. If you don’t see what you need on the list of computer services below, please give us a call.

Data Backup

Dr. Networking provides your home or business with data security solutions including on and off site data backup, data transfers, and storage. We can help set up and monitor external storage with scheduled backups, or help configure an online cloud service to back up your irreplaceable data.

Computer Networking

Dr. Networking provides a complete computer network architecture including mapping of your network so that you know where all routers and switches are located; parts, cabling, installation, maintenance and support.

Wireless Networks – Residential & Commercial

Dr. Networking has skilled field technicians on hand that can assist in setting up wireless routers, wifi networks, and access points. Our techs can get all of your computers, phones, tablets, and printers connected to a secured network. We can install wireless internet at your B&B or hotel. We are the #1 provider of wireless systems to the Hotels, B&B’s, and Vacation rentals in Ashland, Oregon.

Computer Network and File Servers

Dr. Networking sells, installs and maintains network and file servers for businesses all over the Rogue Valley. We can set up Remote Access for telecommuters at your business to connect to the work server from home. We also offer Point of Sale Software installation and support for retail stores and restaurants.

Internet Security

Dr. Networking can install hardware firewalls for security against hackers and intruders to keep your business and personal data safe. We have a number of network security products we sell for this purpose. Know that with Dr. Networking, we can be sure your computer system and network is secure against hackers. This also includes the best Antivirus antimalware protection. We can also help your business with PCI (payment card industry) compliance audit for credit card data security.

Computer Services & Repair

We solve PC and Apple Mac desktop and laptop hardware and software issues. We provide diagnostic and repair services at our downtown Ashland office. In addition, we offer a 24-48 hour turn around for most of our computer repairs. Our most common repairs are failed hard drives and memory replacements. We do not do repairs on cracked or broken screens or motherboard-level hardware damage.

New Computer Setup & Data Transfer

At our office, we offer services to set up your new computer, install software and antivirus, and to transfer data over from an older computer or hard drive. We will get your new computer up and running with all of your data quickly, with minimal downtime.

Cloud Services

We can help you choose and also setup and configure the Cloud services that are the best for your business or home including email services, cloud backup services, cloud programs for your business practices, an other cloud applications such as dropbox, google docs, google photos, streaming music, streaming movies, and cloud printing.

Apple Users

Twenty-five percent of our clients are users of Apple products such as MacBook Pro, Ipads, and Iphones. We are able to replace and upgrade hard drives, upgrade memory, upgrade operating systems, and solve common software issues effecting the use of your Apple products. We can also help you be sure your Apple Universe is all in Sync with the Cloud.

Computer Upgrades

Our shop staff can assess, recommend, and perform hardware upgrades to speed up your computer and add years of life to your system. For maximum performance, we highly recommend a memory increase, or upgrading from a regular hard drive to a new, lightning-fast Solid State Drive.

Computer Virus Removal and Tune-Up

Dr. Networking has an in shop technician devoted to virus, malware and spyware removal, and will advise you on how to best avoid contracting computer viruses in the future. We also offer tune-up computer services to optimize and streamline your computer to help bring new life into older computers.

Printers – Setup and Installation and Troubleshooting

Dr. Networking has field technicians who provide set up and installation of home and business printers. We can also assist with troubleshooting. Most printers are no longer economical to repair if they need new mechanical parts.

iPhone, iPad, and Android Set Up and Synchronization

The technicians at Dr. Networking can help you set up or synchronize your smart phone or tablet to share contacts, email, and other data. We can also assist with backing up your phone before you update or upgrade your phone to a newer model.

Smart TV and Home Entertainment System

Our computer services include in-home help with setting up your home entertainment system, as well as set up and configuration of your Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, or Smart TV to your wireless network including setup of Netflix and Amazon Prime video streaming. Dr. Networking can work with you to cut the cord and break free from your triple-digit cable bill and be on your way to watching anything you want for cheap or free.

Internet-of-Things (IOT) Devices

The internet is rapidly expending into all asect of our life. Everything will be eventually connected to the Internet. This includes not just smartphones, tablets and PC’s, but includes cars, appliances, lightbulbs, door locks, thermostats, and toys of all type. With all these devices connected to the network, your network will need a massive overhaul.

Dell and Lenovo Business Computer Reseller

Please contact us and we can assess your needs and build a personalized quote for a special-order Dell or Lenovo desktop or laptop.

Informational Technology Planning

It is important to plan what your future needs will be for computer technology. This plan should focus on business needs and the ability of Informational technology to meet those needs. It is important to plan to computer and networking infrastructure first and have an overall road map first before implementing new technology. We can help you here!