Part I: Fight Malware – Download and Install Malwarebytes

Part I: Fight Malware – Download and Install Malwarebytes


Malware and spyware continue to be big problems for PC users, with new iterations surfacing every day. Fortunately, programs such as Spybot Search & Destroy, ComboFix, and Malwarebytes are constantly updating their cloud-based software to rid PCs of whatever that latest pesky iteration is. This article will show PC users how to rid their computer of vicious malware using the Malwarebytes free online software. [Ed. note: Malwarebytes is also available for Mac users. The installation instructions below should be very similar.]

Here is how to safely download Malwarebytes so you can get rid of malware on your PC.

Go to your Start Menu and click Shut Down.

Once the computer has fully shut down, power it back on manually. When the first image appears on screen (perhaps your computer manufacturer’s logo), repeatedly hit the F8 key to prompt a screen with various start options. Select Safe Mode with Networking. This means the computer will be running using only basic devices and drivers that are unlikely to be affected by the malware while also giving you access to the Internet.

Once the computer has restarted in safe mode, open your browser of choice (I prefer Google Chrome) and go to Select Free Download. The major difference between the free version and the premium version is that the latter offers real-time monitoring. [Ed. note: Do consider the premium version, though. Dr. Networking strongly recommends this software program.]

You will be taken to another page showing the differences between the free and premium version.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Free Download. An executable file folder will open at the bottom of the screen.

Click the executable file folder to bring up a dialogue box in the center of the screen asking what you want to do with the file. Select Run. If the computer asks you to confirm that you started the program, click Continue.

Choose your desired language from the drop-down menu and click OK.

When the setup box appears, click Next to take you to the license agreement. Click I accept the agreement, and click Next again.

The box following will list information on the software. Click Next again. This will bring up a box allowing you to select where you want to save the software. The default is typically the Program Files folder on the C drive. However, if you want to, you can select an alternate location by clicking the Browse button on the right. Once you have chosen where you want the software saved, click Next.

You will then be prompted to select a Start Menu folder. Again, you have the option to browse different program folders, but the easiest choice is to simply go with the default and click Next.

You will be given the option to create a desktop icon so that the software is easy for you to locate and access in the future. Click the box next to Create a desktop icon, then click Next.

The next box asks you if you want to install the software. Click Install. The software will now begin installing the program files on your computer.

In Part II of this article, below, we will look at how to remove malware once the program is finished installing. [Ed. note: If you need help installing Malwarebytes, you can always bring your PC or Mac in to Dr. Networking and Liz can install it for you. Find Malwarebytes for Mac at] ~ Mark Heidelberger
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