Mac Spotlight 101

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Mac Spotlight 101

As a new Mac owner, I’m just learning about Mac’s search function called Spotlight. Since I know there are a lot of readers out there who are new to Mac computers as well, I thought I’d share what I’m learning about Spotlight.

To use Spotlight, click the magnifying glass icon on the upper right portion of your screen.

The Spotlight window will open in the middle of your desktop.

Much like Windows 10 search, you can look for programs, files, and documents. Just type what you’re searching for in the search box. In this example, I’ll search for a program called Vellum. I get several results related to Vellum, including the program itself and some recent documents created with the program. Click on the result you want on the left to show it in the right window. To open the program, click on it.

I can also search for documents and images just by typing in the name. Just as with the program, click on the result to open.

You can also search for places. Here, I put in the name of a local supermarket. It shows a brief description. I could choose to be taken to the store’s website or to read some Yelp reviews.

Or I could click under Maps to get directions.

Spotlight can even do basic calculations and do metric and money conversions.

You an also search for system settings.

Plus look for apps, music, and movies in the iTunes store.

Search for a person, and you’ll see a variety of resources for finding more information. Just click on the results to go to the sites listed.

Spotlight is a great tool. I don’t think it’s quite as good as Windows 10’s search capabilities, but it sure is helpful.

~ Cynthia
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