What Does Google Have On You?

What Does Google Have On You? Download Your Data

If you use Google for searching, use the Chrome browser, have Gmail, or view videos on YouTube, Google has a whole lot of information about you.

But just how much do they have? And more importantly, how can you see it? Fortunately, there’s a handy way to download a copy of what they know. It’s called Google Takeout.

Click here to get to the site.

You’ll be taken to the page below.

You can scroll down to select what types of data you want to see.

There’s a pretty long list of options of everything from your fitness tracker to maps to your Google Wallet. Put a check next to the data you want to download, then select Manage Archives.

Then choose Create New Archive.

Select the type of file and the maximum size.

Then choose the delivery method and click Create Archive.

Depending on the amount of data there is, it could take hours or even days to create the archive. You’ll receive a Gmail message when the information is ready. Click Download.

Once the information is downloaded, you can open the Takeout file and explore the individual file folders for each service to see what type of information Google keeps about you.

When I did this for my personal account, I was stunned. The file for my information was so large that even the zipped file took a full twenty minutes to download. It’s going to take me quite some time to go through everything they have.
~ Cynthia
Courtesy of Worldstart.com