Conserve a Low Smartphone Battery

Conserve a Low Smartphone Battery

We’ve all been in the situation of needing to use our smartphones while they are on very low battery mode. To avoid such unpleasant situations, here are some ways to decrease battery usage and help your smartphone survive on a low battery for a longer period of time.

There are many Android apps that can prolong your phone’s battery life; however, some minor tweaks can help you achieve the same results without having to install another app to do it for you. You can get up to 15 percent more out of your battery just by applying these useful tips.


Turn down the screen’s brightness or set it to Auto. Screen brightness consumes a lot of battery power. You can adjust the setting from the notification bar or from the Settings panel.

Battery-Draining Apps
Many of the newer Android phones already let you know what apps are draining your battery in the background and prompt you with a notification to close them. Alternatively, you can go to Settings and find the Battery panel. There, you can see a graph showing which apps are using your battery the most. You can select to get rid of them or at least force-stop the processes.

Turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data if you are not currently using them. They are major battery-draining elements. If you don’t need internet, simply turn all access to it off. You can do this from your notification bar or from the Settings panel.

Location and GPS
The location service on your Android device uses a lot of battery power in the background. Google Services may ask you to turn on Location, but this is not necessary at all times. If you’re not using Google Maps or other location apps, or if you don’t want to check in on Facebook, turn off Location.

You can turn Location off from the Settings panel of your phone, or in some cases, directly from your notifications bar.

Battery Savers
Some new Android devices come with built-in battery saver apps. You can adjust the battery percentage at which your phone turns on a battery-saving mode. Usually, this is automatically set to 10 percent. Battery-saving mode will turn off any background apps, auto-sync, Wi-Fi and mobile data, GPS and location services, and more. You will also not be able to use power-draining apps such as games.

Built-in battery-saving apps can be found in Settings > Battery.

Also, there are many useful battery-saving apps you can download from the Google Play Store.

Having animated or other complex wallpapers can also decrease your phone’s battery life. It is ideal to use single-colored wallpapers, or at least static images, not animated ones. Live wallpapers will drain your battery a lot, especially when the power is low.

If your phone is on low battery, it is best to turn off auto-sync. This will stop the backup and synchronization features of email apps, cloud storage apps, social media apps, and others.

Hopefully, these useful battery-saving tips will help you get more out of your smartphone’s battery and survive longer on a low battery.

~ Ruxandra Micu
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