Install an Ad Blocker for Google Chrome

Install an Ad Blocker for Google Chrome

A reader wants to know how to find and install an ad-blocker: I would like to add an ad blocker to my computer. I have a Dell All-in-One running Windows 10, and my browser is Google Chrome. Can you recommend a good free ad blocker? Will I have to be a computer geek to install it? I am so sick of all the ads slowing down my viewing web pages.

What you want is an extension for Chrome. An extension is a program that only runs inside the Chrome browser. The quickest way to find an extension is to type this into your Chrome address bar and hit enter: chrome://extensions/

A window displaying your installed extensions will open. Click on Get more extensions at the bottom of the screen.

The Chrome web store will open.

Type ad blocker in the search bar at the upper left of the page. Press enter.

You’ll see a list of available programs.

To the right are the average ratings of the products and how many users have downloaded them. Click on the star ratings to read reviews.

Click More Extension Results in the upper right to see even more ad block options.

Once you’ve chosen one, click Add to Chrome to install.

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