Have Adobe Read PDFs Aloud

Have Adobe Read PDFs Aloud

Here’s a great accessibility feature you may not have known about. Did you know that Adobe Reader will read PDFs to you on your Windows PC?

Here’s how to do it:

Open Acrobat Reader, then open the PDF you wish to have read to you. Click the View tab at the top. Choose Read Out Loud from the drop-down menu.

Choose Activate Read Out Loud.

You can choose to have Reader read a sentence, a page, or a whole document. Click Pause to temporarily stop reading or Stop to quit reading completely. Resume will start you up again if you’ve paused.

Microsoft has three reading voices, with the default being “Mike.” Some people have trouble getting Reader to work with Mike. Here’s how you can change the voice:

Choose Edit from the top menu, and then choose Preferences.

Choose Reading from the list at the left of the page.

To the right, you’ll see options such as choosing a volume or using the default voice. The default voice is Mike, but you can uncheck that and click the drop-down menu to pick another. I use Anna.

You can also adjust the pitch of the voice and the number of words it reads per minute.
Make sure to click OK when you’re done.
Courtesy of Cyn’s Tech Tips