Apple Bytes – iPad Mail: Where Is the Trash?

Apple Bytes: iPad Mail: Where Is the Trash?


A reader wrote in with a question about the Apple Mail app: Please help! I just received an iPad Air 2 as a gift. There is no trash icon in the email app. Did the technician program it wrong? Can you please guide me through it to install it?

I am going to assume you are using the Mail app that comes standard in iOS and that you haven’t downloaded another mail app from the App Store. Let’s take a look at your inbox.

At first, you might think there is no trash icon available. Try swiping left over a message. You will see the options to flag or trash the message, plus a little three-dot More menu.

Tap a message to open it, and you will find the option to Delete down at the bottom of the page.

You will find the Trash under your other mailboxes in the Mail app.