Apple Notes Part III

The Complete Guide to Apple Notes, Part III


In Part II of this guide, we learned how to format and embed pictures in Apple Notes. Today we will check out even more options for making the most of the Notes app.

Create Checklists

This is one feature that I personally cannot live without. Many iOS users use the Reminder app for making checklists, but in a majority of those cases, it’s not a reminder they need, it’s just a list of things. For example, you might want to make a checklist of different steps involved in baking a cake. You don’t need a reminder to go make the cake, just the steps. This is where Apple Notes comes in handy and is much more useful than the Reminder app.

Open Apple Notes and tap on the plus sign button.

Choose the first option, the checkmark in a circle.

Selecting that button will turn a line of text into a checklist item. You do not even need to select the text. As long as the cursor is on that particular line, it will be check-listed. You can also select all the text and insert multiple checklist items in one go. Incredibly useful! In fact, you won’t realize how handy this little feature is till you start using it for everything.

Attach Info from Other Apps
As with everything in the Apple universe, Notes integrates seamlessly with other apps, especially Apple apps, on your iOS device. For example, you can save a link to Safari, a location in Maps, or a link to a song from Apple Music to Notes.

To share something to Notes, simply click the Share button in the app you are in, and then select the Notes option. You can either choose an existing note to add the information to or create a brand new note. The Share button is found in different locations depending on the app, but here is what it looks like:

If you want to add some text from, say, a browser window, then simply select the text you want to save, tap the Share button, and then tap the Notes icon. Save the text to a new note or add it to an existing one; the choice is yours. You can also save a map or driving directions, for example. There is flawless synchronization between various apps and Notes, and that makes workflow a lot easier.

I still have more to tell you about Notes in next month’s issue. (Hey, I told you this was the complete guide!) You will learn how to share across devices and how to protect your notes from prying eyes.
~ Yogesh
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