Connect Your Tablet to the Cloud

Connect Your Tablet to the Cloud

Phones and tablets come with their very own cloud connection. Android phones and tablets keep a lot of information in Google’s Cloud, while iPhones and iPads connect with iCloud.

The app store for your device remembers everything you buy, from apps to music to videos. Should anything happen to your phone, you can re-download your apps and digital material instantly from its cloud service. If you have your contacts backed up, you can download them instantly as well.

You can also connect with other cloud accounts, such as OneDrive and Dropbox. The apps for these cloud services are available in the app store for your device.

For this example, I’ll get to the Google Play Store and download the OneDrive app.

Since I already have an e-mail address, I can just sign in.

When saving a document from your office program, you have the option of selecting device or cloud storage.

When I choose cloud storage, I have the option of picking any of the cloud accounts installed on my phone.

You can have more than one cloud account installed on your device, meaning that you could have quite a lot of free storage at your disposal.

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