Encrypt Your Facebook Messages

Encrypt Your Facebook Messages


The Facebook Messenger app now makes it easy to encrypt messages you send. Note that it works on only one device at a time, and you have to let Facebook know that you want the message to be encrypted, which you do inside the Messenger app. How secure is it? Even Facebook can’t read the message. Of course, that doesn’t stop the person receiving the message from taking a screenshot. Here is how it works. Open Messenger, then tap on your Profile icon.

Scroll down and tap Secret Conversations.

Turn on Secret Conversations by tapping the slide bar.

Now it is super simple to start an encrypted conversation. Either start a new conversation or open an existing one and hit the i icon at the top right.

Scroll down to Secret Conversation and tap.

The other person will be notified that it is an encrypted conversation.

The message will say it is encrypted and will also display in a different color.

You can send messages, pictures, and stickers, but Secret Conversations doesn’t work with GIFs, videos, voice and video calling, or payments. And you can’t use it for group messages.
~ Cynthia
Courtesy of Worldstart.com