Text Phishing Scam

Text Phishing

Text Phishing Scam Targets Credit Card Customers


Here’s another phishing scam to look out for. This one comes in the form of a text message. A writer at the Tech Talk website recently received one on their phone.

At first glance, you might think there’s a problem with your American Express account. But if you followed that link, you would be taken to a malicious site that mimics the actual American Express site. You would be asked to enter personal information that crooks can use to actually get into your credit card account.

If you think there might be a real problem with your account, skip tapping the link in the text. Instead, open up a browser and go to your account. Log in the usual way and check for problems. Or call the genuine phone number for member services for your card that you have in your records. Don’t use any numbers contained in text messages. Those could be phony as well. These scammers certainly won’t limit themselves to American Express, so be cautious of any account notification.
~ Cynthia
Courtesy of Worldstart.com